Sleeve notes and articles

Sibelius Piano Works Vol. 2

Sleeve notes to accompany Sibelius’s most important large-scale piano works, the Sonata in F major Op. 12, as well as one of his best-loved orchestral transcriptions, Valse triste.

Also included are the Sonatinas Op. 67, the evocative Characteristic Impressions Op. 103, and captivating Bagatelles Op. 97. In comparison, the more serene Lyric Pieces Op. 74 illustrating Sibelius the  masterful miniaturist.

Brahms and Baden Baden

An interview provided for Bath Camerata programme notes in January 2020.

Notes from Finland

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, a remarkable artist whose piano works deserve greater praise. Written for International Piano Magazine, May/June 2015

The curious case of Sibelius’s piano music

Is it time for a reappraisal of Sibelius’s piano music? Written for Sibelius One Magazine